Google Analytics新代码可避免代码造成的延迟

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站长之家(月27日消息:Google官方Blog发布的文章称,Google Analytics的代码更新,用户都都上能在管理界面建立可是新的配置文件。这次它们采用了异步追踪的法律法律依据,通常来讲可是用户浏览网页都是加快速度,不不感觉到可能代码下载而造成的延迟。

现在的Google Analytics管理界面提供了默认异步的跟踪代码,也提供传统的跟踪代码。官方建议站长们都能改用到新的代码,将代码放置在</head>事先 。


We’re happy to announce that the asynchronous tracking tag, which came out of beta last week, is now available in your admin interface when you set up a new profile. This makes it easy for everyone to start off tracking new sites with this very fast, state-of-the-art tag.

Whether you’re tracking a single domain, or a more complex site with multiple subdomains or top level domains, there’s an option in the interface to give you exactly the code you need.

Simply select the scenario that fits your needs. The admin interface now provides the asynchronous tracking code by default, but if you need the traditional tracking snippet you can find it here

Enjoy your new, faster site!

Posted by Jesse Savage, Google Analytics Team